What is Tmall and How Can You sell goods to Chinese Customers?

What is Tmall and How Can You sell goods to Chinese Customers?
What is Tmall and How Can You sell goods to Chinese Customers

What is Tmall?

Tmall is a web marketplace created specifically for Chinese consumers. It is operated in China by Jack Ma of  Alibaba.com. But if you’re thinking that it’s just the Chinese version of Amazon, you’re mistaken. The shopping experience in China is far different than it's within the U.S. And so Tmall has some features and characteristics that reflect that.
“It’s basically a virtual mall,” said Amee Chande, director of worldwide strategy and operations for Alibaba Group during a presentation at Gateway ‘17. One unique feature, Chande said, is that brands are ready to create a more customizable experience for his or her customers within their own storefronts
TMALL.COM is Ranked the 3rd position on Alexa.
Additionally, Tmall may be a marketplace just for trusted brands and products in demand with Chinese consumers. There’s another online marketplace called Taobao where anyone can check-in for an account and sell basically any sort of product. But to sell on Tmall, you've got to be accepted as a trusted brand or wholesaler.

What Are the Benefits of Using Tmall?

Since Tmall may be a trusted name for Chinese consumers, using the platform to sell your products can assist you instantly build a number of that trust for your own brand.

There are a couple of different routes you'll accompany this. You can found out your very own store, which needs some work upfront but allows you to regulate basically the whole experience. You can do that if you've got operations in China or if you're getting to be shipping your products into the country.

But you can also sign up as a wholesaler. In this case, you'd still be ready to sell your products under your own name. But you wouldn’t have your own storefront to maintain. You instead sell them under a Tmall store, which is liable for things like marketing, logistics, and customer service.
In addition, you'll use Tmall partners to assist you with everything from trade rules to translation. The process of finding those partners can take a while. But if you discover the businesses that are the simplest fit your business, they will assist you to create a seamless transition into the Chinese market.

Finally, Tmall offers some unique marketing features like live streaming and news feeds almost like those on Facebook. So this creates an interactive platform that folks actually check and shop with regularly. Change explained that young shoppers often visit Tmall multiple times per day to see news feeds from their favorite brands.

What is Tmall and How Can You sell goods to Chinese Customers?
What is Tmall and How Can You sell goods to Chinese Customers

What sorts of Products are you able to Sell on Tmall International?

Technically, you'll sell anything that's from a trusted brand or in demand with Chinese consumers. But there are a couple of product categories that are significantly more popular than others. They include:
  • Apparel, accessories, and footwear
  • Beauty and skincare
  • Mom and baby
  • Personal care
  • Electronics
For International Sellers. There are plenty of different products that fit into these categories. So if your line fits, or if you recognize you've got something that's really in demand in China, you'll just want to seem into opportunities on Tmall International.

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