WhatsApp New Update "Expiring Media Feature" will be called View Once

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A new WhatsApp update will allow users to delete an image, video, or gif on someone else’s phone after sending it to them. Yes. this new update will soon allow users to delete photos, videos, and gif files from chats sent to a person after they have seen it. Simply put, WhatsApp will provide the facility to delete these files from the person's phone even after sending and delivering media files while chatting. This feature is called the expiring media feature.  According to The Independent, Wabitinfo, WhatsApp was the first to discover the feature. This is a feature that disappears after seeing a media message in a chat.

To use the Expiring Media Feature, you have to select 'View Once' when sending photos, videos, and GIFs from chat messages. Files sent by selecting this option will only be visible to the person in front once while chatting. This message is automatically deleted after closing the chat window.

These chats will appear with such a notification. If the chat window returns, users will be notified as "View Once Photo Expired" through a pop-up notification. What's special is that screenshots of this chat cannot be removed.

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world with over 200 million active users worldwide. That's why it takes more time to add a new feature to a Facebook-owned messaging app. This is because if a bug (technical problem) occurs while adding a new feature, it affects all users.

This new feature is said to be in the new Android 2.20.2011 version of WhatsApp. The feature is currently being tested on a beta version of WhatsApp. However, no date has been set for when the feature will be available to the general public. WhatsApp usually allows users to use a limited beta version for a few months when bringing a feature. It is then updated from time to time to allow users to use the latest updated features.

The feature of missing messages was first introduced by Snapchat in 2011. Instagram, a company owned by Facebook, also offers users the ability to send deceptive messages via direct messaging.

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