Social media and Tech gadgets are parents greatest online fears

The most common perception about rural cities of third world countries is that they must be infested with crime. While, on some tangent that may be correct, but recent studies have shown us that the more technologically advanced cities of any nation are actually the hub of all criminal activities. Although getting away with crime in rural areas may be easier compared to urban ones still, the number is phenomenally high. One of the most shocking crimes on the rise today is the number of abductions and kidnappings that have phenomenally increased. 

Cities like New Delhi were once known as the Rape Capital is now famously being dubbed as the abductions Capital. With such atrocities taking place in your very locality how can you make sure that your loved ones are really safe? Here’s a solution: install spying applications on their gadget to make sure they are always near you.

Social media and Tech gadgets are parents greatest online fears
Social media and Smartphones are parents greatest online fears

Monitor their calls and messages

How can you be sure any of your loved ones especially kids are not being harassed? While there may be many different modes through which harassment is easily possible, one of the most regular modes is through calls and messages. Receiving unwanted calls from strangers has become a regular feature especially with the service providing companies providing really low caller rates to the wider population. Women are occasionally subjected to unwanted calls and texts which may automatically lead to threats and emotional trauma. However, monitoring applications have been known to reduce such traffic on your loved one's mobile phones. 

Here’s how:

1   1. Through the application, you will receive a full caller list as well as a dialer list. Moreover, you will also get full notifications about who messages them and who they message as well.

     2. Some monitoring applications also have the ability to download complete texts and save them in an online drive for you to go through later. The same goes for calls which can be easily recorded.

     3. There are also some monitoring applications that allow their owners to block calls and messages from unwanted personnel.

Always know their physical whereabouts

Everyone today uses a smartphone. It is very easy to track your loved ones with the help of a monitoring application installed on a smartphone or any gadget that they tend to use. With this feature, you will be intricately aware of your loved one's physical location at all times. GPS tracking has revolutionized parenting and now parents feel more comfortable letting their kids out of their sight for longer durations. Location tracking feature can be done in a number of ways:

     1. You can track their movements 24 hours a day.
     2. You can get a location history from the online cloud storage that your monitoring application will provide you with.
     3. You can also mark locations that should not be visited, and in case the target gadget enters that place, you will automatically be notified.
     4. You can get timely notifications about their current locations.

Keep a lookout for shady internet activities

Social media and Smartphones are parents greatest online fears

Shady internet activities include adding random people, joining weird groups, having unnecessary conversations with strangers, or even giving out more personal information than required. Basically, with monitoring applications, you have a carbon copy of your loved one's internet histories and everything they do online. You can track their social media usage as well. Messages received or sent via social media accounts can also be tracked easily. Shady internet activity can also help you notify authorities in case you feel threatened or insecure.

Get regular notifications if anyone tampers with the device

The smallest tampering done with your loved one's device will send you an automatic notification so that you can look into the problem. Such tampering can include:

     1. Sim card being changed of the target device
     2. The phone is being turned off or is shutting down because of reduced battery
     3. The gadget has left a geo-fence area marked as prohibited entry



The protection of your loved ones is in your hands. The measures you take to ensure their safety must be up to point and up to date so that there is no compromise in their security. The increased number of abductions taking place in urban centers puts parents and loved ones at a disadvantage but with the help of technology, they can take measures to ensure that they are safe and secure.

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