How to protect our teenage kids from Social media and Evil Apps?

Social Apps are very popular in youngsters and the rain of instant messaging apps is providing teens multiple choices. Since smartphones have come into existence, the use of the internet becomes very easy for users. Now everyone has their smartphone devices in hands and using plenty of social networking apps whenever they want. But its popularity among teens is alarmingly increasing no time ever before. Let’s think about it, why teens are using instant messenger? What they actually get from? What are the reasons behind the obsession with these social tools? The answer is pretty simple, they use these social platforms to do text messages, chats, audio, and video conversations with their real friends and as well as with their online friends.

Cyber Bullying

social media bullying
How do we protect our teenage kids from Social media and Evil Apps
The young kids and teens must need to know that everyone using social apps and approaching you are not your friends. They may be pretending to be your friend. You should remain in the online world and don’t think to meet them in the real world. Cyberbullies are everywhere. You can brutally bully by them and ultimately you will have depression, anxiety, and long lasted traumas.  Parents need to keep an eye on their innocent teens that really don’t about the people who can do online bullying and can put their lives in real danger.


Having said that, in the digital world everyone is not your sincere friend, always look for real-life friends rather than making online friends. They may start talking to you gently and pretend themselves as sober and friendly. Parents need to guide and teach that if you are looking forward to a friend, then similarly cyberbullies are also looking for a person to make their victims. So, avoid online friends who want to meet you in real life and say to you that you are the best choice for him/her.  

Health Issues 

Most of the people who spend most of the time in front of the computer screen or cell phone screens and use different kinds of instant messaging apps on their mobile phones usually have health issues. They could have depression, lack of cognitive growth, ill social behavior, psychological disorders, and anxiety. Probably the young teens are the most affected and addicted community on the planet due to digital apps and by using cell phones excessively. Parents should look after them and also implement some house rules such as sleeping early at night and waking early in the morning and also encourage them for real-life activities. 


We often see young teen messaging, texting, calls, Voice calls, chats, and conversations on their phones when connected to cyberspace. When they spend most of their time on online social messaging platforms, they got an addiction and extreme of everything went wrong. Therefore, guide your kids and teens to use these platforms a couple of hours in a day for effective and healthy communication with the people of the world. Instead of just wasting time and putting health in danger. Obsession may lead them to the darkest world. 

Carnal Content

Most of the instant messaging apps don’t have control over carnal content shared by the users in the shape of adult videos and photos. When young teens use social media platforms such as Facebook, Yahoo, Tinder, Tumblr, Instagram, and much other alike they may interact with pornographic content which exploits their lives and they become addicted to it. 

What to do? 

Parents need to put restrictions on their teens to limit the use of cell phone devices. Resultantly, if they don’t oblige you positively then you need to use the smartphone spy app in order to protect them from all evils and the nightmares which teens are facing. You can use IM’s social media of mobile spy software. It enables you to view all IM’s logs, conversations, chats, sharing media files, and VOIP calls along with a complete time stamp. 


Parents don’t need to worry, just use the cell phone spy app in order to keep an eye on their activities and protect them from all social apps dangers.

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