Google's new operating system Fuchsia to replace Andriod by 2024?

Google Fuchsia

       In August 2016 Google began to work on a new operating system called "Fuchsia" that isn't based on the Linux kernel. However, till 2019 it was still not clear how it will be used. Google’s Fuchsia is seen among techies as a replacement for Android, and a revisit of the OS has shown that it’s coming along quickly. A decade ago Google was just an inquiry engine and advertiser, but now it’s the drive behind the most important computing platform within the world: Android. Even the slow-to-start Chrome OS has been learning steam in recent years, dominating the budget laptop market. Both these products are based partially on Linux, but Google is functioning on something completely new, and you'll take a peek at it on Github. It’s an operating system called Fuchsia, which could run on just about anything.

According to Google, the Fuchsia OS can run on following devices:

  • Desktops
  • laptops
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Mobile phones
  • Routers
  • Smart displays and other devices.
 Replace Android! Google new system Fuchsia OS is ready

This new system combines Android and Chrome together.

 Read more at: Ars Technica

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