How to get guaranteed Cashback on every UPI payment and online transaction.

UPI transactions

When online payment was started across the country, UPI payment apps were tempting people by giving them cashback on every payment. People quickly made UPI applications of the market like Google Pay (GPay), PhonePe, Paytm etc. a part of Top Downloads.

Now cashback is not available on UPI payment.
In recent times, the cashback that people get on payment from UPI has almost ended. After the payment of the people, they now get some coupons as a custom and those coupons are part of the marketing coupons of some or the other brand.

People feel cheated in the form of Reward after getting such coupons. Because of this, Gpay is trending on social media and people are posting their received cashback and rewards as screenshots.

Reward is being given on all transactions on this UPI APP.

If you make UPI payment and also do other types of transactions, then you need to know about Cred App. In this app, on doing transactions through UPI, you definitely get cashback in the form of some rupees per transaction. On an average, the limit of this cashback is between ₹ 1 to ₹ 100.

 I trust CRED and have been using it to pay my credit card, electricity, mobile and all other bills. You can also win exciting rewards including a joining bonus of upto ₹250 if you download CRED using my link in next 48 hours

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