OpenAI's ChatGPT Plus subscription with GPT-4 now available in India; check price, features

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Through a social media announcement Open AI has announced that a ChatGPT Plus subscription is now available for users in India. It has been confirmed by the company that this new premium version of ChatGPT will be based on the latest GPT-4 language model. ChatGPT Plus was listed in India even before the announcement but many users had complained about issues with online payment. 

The ChatGPT Plus subscription is currently priced in India at roughly Rs 1,650 (US$20)  and it is the same as in the US. The announcement was made via OpenAI's official Twitter handle. 

What will you get with ChatGPT Plus?

The ChatGPT Plus subscription is an advanced version of the ChatGPT language model developed by OpenAI, which offers users access to more powerful artificial intelligence tools and features. Some of the features and benefits that may be included in a ChatGPT Plus subscription could include:

  • More advanced and accurate natural language processing capabilities
  • The ability to customize and fine-tune the model for specific use cases or industries
  • Access to more extensive training data and higher computational power
  • Advanced features such as question-answering, summarization, and text generation
  • Increased speed and efficiency in generating responses to user queries

It's important to note that the specific features and benefits of a ChatGPT Plus subscription may vary depending on the specific plan and pricing offered by OpenAI.

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