Apple in a process of launching its own Search Engine

So far, Google Search Engine is running its monopoly in Search Engines. Google may now get strong competition. This is because Apple is also now preparing to launch its own search engine. If this happens, Google’s dominance and dependence on it may get tough competition. Apple Search can be installed on its device first as an alternative to Google. It is expected that it can be launched for the public later.

Apple in a process of launching its own Search Engine
Apple in a process of launching its own Search Engine | Image: Reuters

As per the news published on Bussiness Insider, Recently Apple has become the first publicly listed US company to reach a market value of $2 trillion. It's now inviting experts in a residency program to apply their expertise to build revolutionary machine learning and AI-empowered products and experiences, a report by Infotech lead noted.

Rumors are that It may be ad-free and help to improve Siri search results in the long run. As per the reports claimed that Apple’s search engine will likely act as a ‘personalized data hub’ and will be similar to Google Assistant on Android devices. However, the official statement from Apple is on this.

Google Pays Crores of Rupees to Apple Every Year

Actually, the story of Apple’s entry into the Surge Engine sector is also related to its earnings. Google pays Apple billions of rupees every year to keep Google, as the default Search Engine in iPhone, iPad, and Mac OS. According to the report, this deal may be finished soon.

Apple is Working on an Independent Search Engine

The UK Competition and Market Authority report said that Apple’s market share worldwide is very high. The authority believes that since Google search default, other search engines do not have the opportunity to enter mobile phones. All these may have contributed for Apple to work on an independent search engine.

Yahoo and Bing are Also in Search Engine

Explain that Yahoo and Bing also serve search engines. But ahead of Google, both these companies have failed and Google has been continuously attacking for many years. But if Apple’s search engine comes, then Google will have direct competition. Google will have to work on a new strategy to protect itself. American tech company Apple is working on its search engine. Can launch her own search engine.

Apple is Appointing Engineers

Apple is on appointing Engineers for its Spotlight Search Engine. Spotlight is Apple’s search technology for Mac, iOS, and it can help you find almost anything. Jobs available for Apple’s Search Engine also include Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Natural Language Processing (LLP). Through this, the company is in the mood to appoint all these in its search engine.


Google has changed its search engine as well as its product in recent times. While Apple is doing better at the moment. The stock of this company has done well in the stock market. In such a situation, if Apple brings its own search engine, then its customers around the world are always ready to welcome Apple's new product.

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