This is the mask that Bill Gates wears

In today's world, covering face with Mask has become an absolute necessity. Face masks are very essential to protect from  Covid-19. Many views have been shared on what type of mask is good or helpful but the consensus as that one just needs to cover their face properly.

In a recently asked question, to Microsoft Co-Founder Bill Gates, what type of mask he wears? Bill Gates said that he uses a "Pretty ugly normal mask," In an interview with Wired.

Bill Gates also told that he changes his face mask every day and it is the normal "Surgical Looking Mask" which he wears daily. 

"Maybe I should get a designer mask or something creative," 
he added.

Mr.Gates also spoke about when he thinks the COVID-19 Pandemic is likely to end. He told that innovations are being done on vaccines and the other things are quite impressive and "that makes me feel like, for the rich wolrd, we should largely be able to end this thing by end of 2021, and for the rest of the world at large by the end of 2022," he said.
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